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These resources are gathered from across the Web. Please note that web pages sometimes disappear or cease operation. To report a broken link, or to suggest a resource, please use the Contact Us form. We are especially looking for resources in languages other than English and that reflect the diverse cultural contexts of our region. Please note that all resources are provided for informational purposes only. Inclusion of a resource does not constitute endorsement by the Ministers Council of Metro Chicago, nor do we make any guarantees about the accuracy of information on any external link. You can find additional resources at the Ministers Council ABCUSA website. 

Preaching and Worship Resources

Note: This is an incredibly rich resource, but it shuttered it 2013. It is no longer actively updated, and may disappear at any time. (last accessed December 5, 2017). (English)

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Preaching and Worship

Lilly Endowment-funded, curated search engine for preachers and worship planners. Searches for resources from a variety of places around the net -- Like Google, but for worship and preaching. (Mostly English, with some links to resources in other languages)

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Biblical Words by Jay Wilcoxen

The Community Renewal Society hosts these Lectionary reflections by former University of Chicago faculty Jay Wilcoxen. For many years, these reflections were posted on the ABC Metro Chicago website and shared via eWind. (English)


Singing from the Lectionary

Weekly music suggestions for the Revised Common Lectionary, including hymnal information. (English)


Calvin Institute of Christian Worship

Library of resources for those planning worship. Most resources in English, but they have provided translations of some of their materials into other languages -- primarily Spanish and Korean. (Mostly English, some resources in Spanish and Korean)


The Text This Week

Links to resources for study and worship for the Revised Common Lectionary and Narrative Lectionary.(English)

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Working Preacher

RCL and Narrative lectionary commentary and reflection from Luther Seminary. Limited material in Spanish (English and Spanish)


Worshiping with Children

Lectionary-based blog with resources for including children in cross-generational congregtional worship, including ways to make scripture reading accessible to children, prayers and liturgies that engage worshipers of all ages, and more.(English)

American Baptist Resources
ABCUSAtest copy.png

Official ABCUSA documents, news about the denomination, resources for churches and leaders, and more.

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International Ministries, also known as the American Baptist Foreign Mission Society, works cross-culturally to invite people to become disciples of Jesus Christ and to proclaim, through both word and deed, God’s reign of justice, peace and abundant life for all creation.

Advocacy and resources for women in ministry. ​


American Baptist Personnel Services, Judson Press,financial aid for seminarians and continuing ed, as well as a host of print and online resources for ministers and congregations. Some resources available in Spanish, Karen, Chinese, French, and other languages. 

MMBB Logo.png

MMBB is a nonprofit Christian organization serving churches and faith-based organizations since 1911. Our business is retirement benefits, our expertise is the church and religious world—and we serve more than 17,000 members across a wide range of denominations.


American Baptist Women's Ministries is a diverse community of American Baptist women and girls serving in ministry in Christ's name. With local, area, region/state, and national levels of ministry, AB Women's Ministries creates a community of passionately faithful, mission-minded women and girls engaged in worship, service, and friendship.


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