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National Ministers Council - President's Update

As you are reading this newsletter, your Ministers Council Officers (aka Leadership Team) are preparing to gather at the Franciscan Retreat Center outside Philadelphia to worship, pray and plan. We will discuss the theme of our June 20 “Servants of the Jubilee” event in Virginia Beach (the day before the Mission Summit) and be inspired by the remarkable possibilities of Biblical Jubilee.


We will wrestle with and propose answers to some additional questions about our future:

1. We are moving to a Biennial Meeting – should we meet in even years (with the Mission Summit) or in alternate years (independently or with a Ministers Conference)?

2. Biennial meetings will free thousands of dollars on alternate years – what should we do with that income? The possibilities are many and varied, but the parameters are clear: it must benefit our members and local chapters. 


The Leadership Team will also review a draft 2018 Annual Report drawn from November 2018 and year-end reports, and approve it for wider dissemination to our members.


Suggestions in response to these questions will be brought to the 2019 (bi)Annual Meeting June 18-19 in Virginia Beach and decisions will be made by Local Chapter Representatives and the National Leadership Team meeting there. Other topics on the move include support for Together in Ministry (TIM) groups and revision of the Code of Ethics.  


All members are encouraged to communicate with your Local Chapter Representative to be sure he/she will be present at the June meeting and knows your thoughts on these matters. (If you do not know who your Rep is, contact our Members Services Coordinator Lisa Simpson at


Rev. Dr. Darla (Dee Dee) Turlington

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